We’ll take Russell Westbrook at face value and say that this was probably supposed to be a compliment. But you read this and try to figure out how it’s nice:

The Knicks had just beaten the Thunder to improve to a still-horrible 9-37 on the season, so Westbrook was probably not all that pleased about the loss. Despite a 40 point night, he was unable to get the Kevin Durant-less Thunder past this weak opponent, and considering the Knicks actually played pretty well (Carmelo Anthony had 31, Langston Galloway had 18, and Lance Thomas came off the bench to score 17) Westbrook probably just wanted to pay them a compliment.

“They are an NBA team” may not be the kind of thing a team wants to hear, but at least someone thinks they belong. So they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.

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[via SB Nation]