Grantland writer Bill Barnwell sent out a really good tweet today during Roger Goodell's State of the NFL press conference. After Goodell snapped at Rachel Nichols when she asked him a very fair (and very good) question about the "conflict of interest" that often exists with regards to the people that the NFL hires to carry out investigations, Barnwell proposed that Nichols should be in charge of asking every single question during Goodell's press conference:

Unfortunately, other reporters and members of the media were able to chime in as well. But in the future, all of Goodell's press conferences should consist of him standing at a podium in front of Nichols and Nichols only. Because no one else made Goodell squirm quite like she did today. And while he didn't really give her a good answer to her "conflict of interest" question (Goodell must hear those words in his nightmares at this point, thanks to Richard Sherman), it did force him to try to explain one of the things that bothers most NFL fans when it comes to NFL investigations. Keep firing away, Rachel.

[via For The Win]

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