As we told you yesterday, Richard Sherman's girlfriend Ashley Moss is pregnant and could give birth to the couple's first child any day now. And that put the Seahawks cornerback in a tough spot on Wednesday when he was asked whether or not he'd consider skipping Super Bowl XLIX if Moss were to go into labor before the big game. He didn't say what he'd do, but it did sound like he'd at least consider skipping the game if Moss were giving birth.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there," he told reporters . "We're not thinking about the possibility."

Moss did an interview with KING 5 News yesterday, though, and revealed that Sherman will not skip the Super Bowl if she goes into labor. She said that she originally toyed with the idea of not telling him if she went into labor on Super Bowl Sunday. But after he told her, "You better call," they had a talk about it, and she told him that he shouldn't skip the game under any circumstance.

"I told him [to] play the game," she said. "It'll be a good story to tell. His son and I will be sitting there, watching, cheering him on the whole game and, as soon as it's over, he can be there."

Watch Moss' interview in the clip above. Why isn't there a Super Bowl prop bet associated with Sherman's unborn baby available yet? It has to be coming, right?

[via KING 5 News]

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