"Sports journalists unite: It’s time to boycott Skittles," writes columnist Ed Sherman, who today unsheathed his pen to scorch the Earth with his latest hot take. The target? None other than media punching bag Marshawn Lynch. Get 'em, Sherm!

Skittles should be considered poison to any sports journalist who asks for respect in dealing with  athletes.

You see, Marshawn Lynch’s stance with the media has evolved from more than just not wanting to talk. It now is a marketing vehicle.

Skittles, which is part of Lynch’s weird act, helped the Seattle running back’s campaign to mock the media this week. It got Lynch to do a fake press conference. He munches handfuls of the candy sitting in front of a Skittles logo.

The whole thing is extremely lame. He opens by saying, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to have Skittles ask me questions today.”

Of course, he is. Skittles probably paid him big money for the charade, likely much more than those annoying reporters who insist on asking him real questions.

Ouch! The take! It burns!

In his quest to take down the rainbow, Sherman even went on to quote our dear friend Marcus Hayes, whose separate hot take can be digested here

Unfortunately, Sherman's column is just as incoherent and unconvincing as that of Hayes. Even worse, he tries to end the article with a lame joke—something about Skittles decaying your writing talents? 

Frankly, Skittles aren’t that good anyway. Bad texture and way too sweet. Also, while there aren’t any documented studies, eating Skittles reportedly makes your ledes much duller.

Try Swedish Fish instead.

Nice one, Sherm. However, we hate to break it to you, but your boycott likely has just as much hope of succeeding as this protest does.

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[via SportsJournalism.org]