Tonight the New York Jets hired the next man to lead their franchise, pivoting from a defensive-minded coach to...another defensive-minded coach by signing Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to a four-year deal. In fact, by signing Bowles, the Jets kept alive their streak of hiring head coaches with a defensive background. According to Adam Schefter, Bowles is the sixth straight Jets HC to meet that standard:

As for Bowles, for the past two seasons he's been in charge of an Arizona defense that has been able to overcome all challenges (with the obvious exception of John Skelton). This year Bowles (who's known for bringing crazy blitz packages) led the Cards' defense to fifth in the NFL in points allowed (compared to seventh in 2013). Bowles' deal will be in excess of $4 million per year, and his first move appears to be hiring former Bills head coach Chan Gailey as his offensive coordinator:

Whether or not Gailey can fix the Jets' fledgling offense will be a the massive determining factor in Bowles' prospective success.

[via Adam Schefter]

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