It's no secret that Michael Jordan enjoys gambling. The stories about MJ placing bets on, well, everything are legendary. But it appears as though MJ has spent most of the last few years gambling almost exclusively on rounds of golf. And it doesn't sound like it's worked out very well for him.

Professional golfer Keegan Bradley sat down with Sports Illustrated for an interview recently. And during that interview, he was asked how much money he's taken from his good friend MJ. Bradley refused to give an exact amount, even when the interviewer pointed out that "no one thinks Michael Jordan is going broke." But eventually, he did reveal that he's eaten quite a few meals on MJ's dime.

"Put it this way," Bradley said, "he's bought my girlfriend and me a lot of dinners."

Bradley also talked about how great it is to shut MJ up by beating him on the golf course.

"When MJ is quiet," he said, "life is really, really good."

You can check out Bradley's entire interview here.

[via Eye on Golf]

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