Last night, former Miami Dolphins fullback Rob Konrad fell out of a boat while deep sea fishing alone off the coast of Palm Beach, Fla. (and by "off" we mean like nine miles "off," i.e. pretty damn far off). Since his boat was on autopilot it wandered away, with no one onboard, and is presumably still adrift somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. That's when most of us would've panicked/drowned. But instead of freaking out, giving up, and becoming another casualty stupid people blame on the Bermuda Triangle, Konrad swam nine miles back to land, this according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

The entire ordeal lasted about nine hours until, at roughly 5 a.m. this morning, Konrad was picked up by a sheriffs deputy for the Palm Beach police department. Afterward he was taken to a local hospital where he's being treated for hypothermia (the wind chill was in the 30s this morning). In case you're wondering, it's unclear what caused Konrad to fall out of the boat in the first place. 

As of now we have no update on his condition, but reports state that he is "OK."

[via Pro Football Talk]

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