"Marshawn Lynch basically the human version of the one hundred emoji" - @DesusNice

​Quite possibly the most accurate tweet of 2014. Marshawn Lynch—a man getting vilified by stale and salty sports writers all across America for refusing to answer questions in press conferences—doesn't need your acceptance. He doesn't care if you like him or not. He doesn't care if the media crucifies him for keeping his mouth shut. He doesn't care if Stephen A. Smith—who not long ago told women not to provoke their own domestic abuse— has a meltdown and calls his behavior "disgraceful and embarrassing." Beastmode doesn't care about any of that shit. He's only focused on playing great football, taking care of his family, and maybe making sure the mid keeps selling.

His attitude is the definition of keeping it 100. Marshawn has always kept it realer than most, and it's the exact reason why we celebrate his existence. In a world full of fakes, Marshawn Lynch is the hero we all need. Whether it's showing up to the ESPYs wearing a t-shirt and a beanie or grabbing his nuts while falling into the endzone, these are Marshawn Lynch's Realest Moments, Rated in 100 Emojis.

*ratings vary from one to six 100 emojis*