Twin brothers Markieff and Marcus Morris do a lot of things together. They play for the Suns together. They sign contract extensions together. They even get tattoos together and have several matching tatts. But according to CBS 5 Phoenix, they may get into trouble together as well.

CBS 5 Phoenix is reporting that the Morris twins are currently being investigated in connection to an alleged assault that took place outside of a gym in Phoenix, Ariz. on Saturday night. Police haven't released the names of the people who were involved in the assault. But several sources have told CBS 5 Phoenix that the Morris twins are being viewed as the suspects in the alleged crime.

At this time, the Suns haven't commented on the CBS 5 Phoenix report, and there aren't many details about the alleged assault available. But the Morris brothers both played in the Suns game against the Wizards on Wednesday night. Stay tuned for further information.

[via CBS 5 Phoenix]

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