In theory, Bucks center Larry Sanders has one of the best jobs in sports. He gets paid $11 million to play basketball in Milwaukee, which means that there's very little pressure on him to produce (well, there's still a lot of pressure but not the amount of pressure that he'd feel in, say, New York, Los Angeles, or, well, anywhere except Milwaukee). Despite making all that money, he isn't expected to be the best player on his team. And oh yeah, he plays basketball for a living! So what would make him want to walk away from the game for good?

We don't know. But according to Racine Journal Times reporter Gery Woelfel, Sanders has reportedly told the Bucks that he's no longer interested in playing basketball:

As Woelfel points out, Sanders hasn't played in six games:

And while Bucks coach Jason Kidd originally said it was because he had the flu, Kidd later admitted that Sanders was out because of "personal reasons":

It seems Sanders has been thinking about going in a different direction with his life for some time now:

And because of that, it doesn't sound like the Bucks are going to have much success trying to trade him away, if they decide that that's what they want to do:

Woelfel also pointed out that the Bucks did try to use Sanders in a deal for Roy Hibbert last summer but that it didn't pan out:

So now, they're stuck with an unhappy player who might not ever set foot on the court for them again—despite making $11 million per year.

What a strange story. Stay tuned to see how Sanders and his Bucks teammates react to all of this news.

[via @GeryWoelfel]

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