Far too many times we hear about an athlete getting injured and think little of it. For example, when you heard about the torn thumb ligament suffered by Trail Blazers' LaMarcus Aldridge​, how did you feel? Did you just feel a little bad for a couple seconds and then shrug it off. If you are a Blazers fan, you probably immediately started figuring out when he could return based on his initial timetable while hoping he doesn't jeopardize the team's playoffs chances. But, how many times do you really think about what the player is going through when they receive that news? 

On Thursday, an MRI revealed that Kobe Bryant suffered a tear of the rotator cuff in his right shoulder. Some people responded by exclaiming that Kobe is done, he should retire and went as far as saying "good." But, after returning from one injury after another, Bryant was been fighting through the soreness and fatigue that comes with being in the NBA at 36 years old. 

Clearly, Kobe isn't the same player he was a decade ago, but after everything he's been through when it comes to injuries, it's heartbreaking to see those moments on the above clip, courtesy of the Black Mamba and The Players' Tribune, where he discovers that he has to go through another setback in his career. And all you can really say is "OK." 

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