Last Thursday night, Kobe Bryant turned a lot of heads when he dished out 17 assists—yes, 17 assists—during a game against the Cavaliers. He only took 14 shots during that particular game and appeared to take a pass-first approach to it. But did it come at a cost?

A short time ago, Kobe took to Twitter to address the torn rotator cuff injury that he suffered during the Lakers' game against the Pelicans on Wednesday. And he blamed the injury on all the passes that he's thrown in recent games:

Ha. We're glad to see Kobe isn't too broken up about the injury. But c'mon, man. You haven't thrown that many passes this season. And wasn't that Cavs game a week ago?


Phil Jackson just responded to Kobe's tweet with a tweet of his own:

[via @kobebryant]

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