519 days. That's how long it's going to be until Kevin Durant officially becomes a free agent and can decide whether or not he wants to leave the Thunder to sign with a new team. 519 days. Yet, KD is already facing questions about his impending free agency right now, with everyone from 4-year-old Wizards fans to, well, us asking him about where he'd like to sign in July 2016. And as of right now, it sounds like KD is going to consider just about every team in the NBA.

That  includes the Knicks. Of course, KD himself didn't come out and say, "I'd love to sign with the Knicks in 2016!" But earlier this week, New York Daily News reporter Frank Isola spoke with a source who told him that KD would be more than willing to at least consider signing with the Knicks in 519 days.

"No question about it," the source said. "Kevin loves Carmelo [Anthony]. It could work in New York."

Don't get too worked up, though, Knicks fans. KD might be open to taking a meeting with Phil Jackson, but…

"Never rule out the Thunder," the source said.

LOL, Knicks fans. Even anonymous sources are trolling you right now. But hey, at least this will give you hope for, like, a day, right?

Have fun thinking about the idea of KD playing in NYC for the next 519 days!

[via New York Daily News]

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