49ers offensive lineman Jonathan Martin knows a thing or two about protecting NFL quarterbacks. But apparently, he's pretty well-informed when it comes to protecting Versace stores from shoplifters, too.

Late yesterday, Martin—who was one of the central figures in a bullying scandal that rocked the Dolphins last year—was shopping inside of the Versace store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles when he saw two shoplifters swipe several bags and try to take off with them. Martin responded by leaving the store, chasing after the thieves, and tackling one of them to the ground before punching him in the face a few times to subdue him. The first shoplifter ended up getting away. But thanks to Martin's efforts, the second guy was hauled off by security and arrested for shoplifting.

"I didn't even think," Martin told Shutdown Corner last night. "I just reacted. It wasn't till later when [my friend] said, 'He could have had a gun.' I didn't even think about it. I just wanted to help."

After the incident, Martin took to Twitter to talk about what he'd done:

He also posted this photo of him outside the Versace store:

Nice assist by the big man.

[via For The Win]

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