When your team is 5-29 like the New York Knicks are, you tend to look at the future for hope rather than the present. The worst 30-game start in franchise history will do that to you.

Plus, thanks to the beauty of the ESPN NBA trade machine, you can see from a salary cap perspective what deals your team could make to instantly become a contender again. So sure, trades like this one or this one would take care of things very quickly. But yeah…no.

The other complicating factor to the trade market is that expiring deals have somewhat gone out of fashion. Draft picks are now seen as the key asset in making deals happen. The Knicks won’t have any picks in the 2016 draft, and don’t have a second rounder until 2020. Thanks to the "Stepien Rule," they can’t deal a first rounder until 2018. So that’s out as an option too.

For sake of this thought exercise, we’re going to assume that Carmelo Anthony and coach Derek Fisher are in it for the long haul. And we’re also going to assume that every NBA team would at least take the phone call on a trade, which as we know doesn’t always happen. Remember, people: this is a fantasy. We’re not predicting that this is how it’s going to go down. This is merely a potential blueprint grounded in present-day realism and not factoring in the millions of things that could go on that would render all of this moot.

With that in mind, here is How to Fix the Knicks in Six Easy Steps.

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