There's good news and bad news for the high school football player who got juked right out of his shoes in the Vine above. The good news is that, as of right now, no one knows who he is. So he doesn't need to worry about people running up on him on the street and trying to juke him. The bad news is that he knows who he is and he knows what high school running back/wide receiver Karon Keyes did to him during a football camp on Sunday night.

Keyes seems to be enjoying the 15 minutes of fame that his juke move has brought him, too. Just check out a few of the tweets that he has sent out over the last 48 hours:

If anyone knows the defender, tell him the Internet sends its regards. Oh, and give him a bag of ice, too. His ankles must still be in a lot of pain right now.

[via ESPN]

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