Yesterday, in an effort to draw more spectators to Philips Arena, the Atlanta Hawks announced “Swipe Right Night,” a Tinder-themed promotion that will take place on Wednesday when the team hosts the Memphis Grizzlies. Please just have a two and a half hour arena cam, ESPN.

Today, the Hawks continued their week of, erm, creative promotions, by offering up a handwritten excuse from team CEO Steve Koonin, for anyone who’s running late this morning as a result of staying up to watch the Hawks’ 10:30 p.m. ET game against the Clippers last night.

But the promo doesn’t stop there. Koonin is offering all bosses, who take mercy on their employees, a free ticket to the Hawks game on Wednesday, if they show up to the box office with their employee, and Koonin’s letter. 

We’re not sure if this will help the Hawks’ attendance issues, or even why they have these issues considering they’re the No. 1 team in the East, but a free ticket to “Swipe Right Night” in exchange for a little tardiness sounds like a great mid-week treat to us.

[via @120Sports]

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