While the world throws itself into a frenzy thinking we were finally going to see the fight that we should have seen four or five years ago, Floyd Mayweather is chilling on a beach somewhere being the biggest buzzkill ever.

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao had settled on a May 2 fight date at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas after running in to each other at a recent Miami Heat game. Unfortunately, Mayweather shot down any existing excitement that had begun to fester in the boxing world with an Instagram post today. Using a picture of himself laying in a hammock with the ocean in the background, Mayweather writes:

Laying back, relaxing, enjoying good weather, palm trees and pina coladas. While they continue to lie about making the fight...I'm going to continue to travel and explore the world on my private jet. #FightNotMadeYet

​What was once considered to be the most exciting potential matchup in boxing in over a decade has officially turned into a mundane dog and pony show.

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[Via Instagram