Oh, Gerry Hamilton, you poor, poor soul. 

As you can see above, ESPN recruiting analyst Gerry Hamilton was engaging in some extracurricular activity during work, a decision which apparently cost him his proofreading abilities. As a result, while breaking the story on linebacker recruit Roquan Smith's scheduled visit to Texas A&M, Hamilton included a link to the Pornhub site of his fancy, instead of the URL for his ESPN story. 

He has since deleted the tweet, and replaced it with a more work-friendly version.

#Gigem? More like, "Giggidy!" 

Zing! Yeah, we like to have some fun around here...

But, seriously, Gerry: Quit looking at porn while you're supposed to be working.  

If you have any word on what type of porn Hamilton linked to, drop us a line at sportstips@complex.com.

[via Black Sports Online]