Back in October, former NFL player Eddie George took part in a panel discussion on Jim Rome on Showtime and revealed that he believes the use of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs has something to do with all of the domestic violence-related incidents that NFL players have been involved in over the last few years. And according to an interview that he just did with Sports Illustrated, George also believes that PED use in the NFL is "very rampant."

In the interview, which you can watch in the video above, the former running back explains that there are far too many NFL players returning from injuries ahead of schedule right now and that that is an indication that at least some of them are using PEDs to heal their bodies more quickly. George goes on to say that he believes PED use is up "in all sports." But he also talks about his own personal experience in the clip and says that he was approached by someone who told him that he should use PEDs to recover from a toe injury in 2001 and 2002.

"I could not do it for my own personal beliefs," he says, "because I couldn't look myself in the mirror knowing that I was using a competitive advantage that wasn't quite fair, that was illegal."

George stresses that it was not his team that told him to take PEDs. But his story still shows how easy it is for guys to obtain PEDs while they're playing in the NFL.

Do you think George is right about the NFL having a PED problem? And further, do you think steroids and PEDs are to blame for the rise of domestic violence-related incidents in the NFL? Sadly, we'll probably never know the real answers to those questions. But George's take on all of this is interesting nonetheless.

[via Sports Illustrated]

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