Despite the fact that the Raptors are near the top of the NBA's Eastern Conference standings for the second straight season, the team's best player Kyle Lowry is once again in danger of missing out on the chance to play in the NBA All-Star Game. The point guard is currently fourth overall amongst guards in fan voting behind John Wall, Dwyane Wade, and Kyrie Irving. So unless the Eastern Conference coaches vote him in as a reserve, he might not be named an All-Star, even though he's clearly deserving of it.

That doesn't sit real well with Lowry's coach Dwane Casey. Casey thinks Lowry needs to be on the team this year, and he's willing to fight for him to make the team. We're not talking about Casey making an argument here, either. We're talking about him literally fighting for Lowry:

We think Casey was just kidding about the whole "I'm probably going to get into a physical fight" thing. But still, how cool is it to hear a head coach going to bat for one of his players like this?

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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