The Cleveland Cavaliers traded Dion Waiters to the Oklahoma City Thunder in early January as a part of a three team deal that netted them J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert, and it appears Waiters has found happiness there. And even though he's still begging for the ball like it was the last Twinkie on Earth, he seems satisfied with the amount of touches he's been getting in OKC. 

Waiters will return to Cleveland tomorrow afternoon when the Thunder take on the Cavs, where he'll get to see the star loaded team he was briefly a part of.

Kyrie Irving and Waiters had their issues during their three seasons together (remember this awkward press conference?), and Irving initially said he hadn't had a chance to speak with Waiters after he was traded, leaving us to wonder whether he even had Waiters's digits. But, ahead of the two team's Sunday matinee, Waiters said he has indeed spoken with both Irving and Tristan Thompson since his departure. LeBron James, though, hasn't found the time to reach out, probably because if he did call, Waiters would just ask him for the ball.

To be fair, James and Waiters only played a handful of games together, so it wasn't like they had movie night together every weekend or something. But damn, 'Bron, you can't even try to fake some happiness for Dion, and leave him some awkward voicemail saying "I, uh, wish you the best"? That's cold. 

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