You may think it's as routine as catching a fly ball or hitting an extra-point, but still, every once in a while somebody screws up an inbounds pass, and tonight that meant a victory for the Pistons over the Spurs and their stunned home crowd.

After the botched inbounds from Tim Duncan to Patty Mills (or at least, Patty Mills' fingertips) the Pistons got the rock into the hands of Brandon Jennings who drove the length of the floor to bounce a floater off the glass for the game-winning field goal with 0.1 seconds left. The shot not only gave the Pistons the 105-104 lead (on the way to their sixth consecutive victory) but also allowed coach Stan Van Gundy to impart some wisdom to his players on how to protect a lead with 0.1 seconds left saying, "just form a fucking wall."

Good advice from a coach who's been in the league for 20 years now. Feel free to use it if you're in a rec league or coach some elementary schoolers, or something.

[via YouTube/Vine]

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