Even though they're supposed to be good teammates, guys who play in the NBA D-League are in constant competition with the other players on their team. The goal for all D-League players is to one day play in the NBA. So we imagine that D-League practices probably get pretty, er, "spirited" with guys going at one another on the court on a daily basis.

But during a game between the Iowa Energy and the Rio Grande Valley D-League teams last night, two Energy players actually got into it in the middle of the game and the result was pretty ugly. Former Tennessee forward Jarnell Stokes, who was selected by the Grizzlies 35th overall in the 2014 NBA Draft, and his teammate Kalin Lucas, who has played overseas and in the D-League since finishing his career at Michigan State in 2011, got into a fight during a timeout and had to be separated by security guards. Play was stopped momentarily and, upon further review, both players were ejected from the game for fighting.

You can watch the clip above to see the fight. And you can also watch the video below to see a local news report about the game that features additional coverage of the fight:

What in the world could have caused all of this?

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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