One of the Super Bowl's many added charms is the ability to gamble on almost everything, from the opening coin toss to Katy Perry's halftime set list. For gambling addicts, the Super Bowl is the gaming equivalent to Tony Montana burying his head into a pile of cocaine. In sum: have fun, but be careful. 

Some of this year's stranger bets involve the likelihood of Marshawn Lynch grabbing his crotch in celebration after scoring a touchdown (odds are 4/1 that he'll do it), as well as an over/under on the number of times the word "deflated" or "deflate" will be used during the broadcast. For a complete list click here and, to help you get the party started, Complex News has pulled out some of the craziest proposition bets in Super Bowl XLIX, as presented by the folks at Bovada Las Vegas. Check out the video above.

[via Bovada Las Vegas]