Did you miss the Indiana/Nebraska college basketball game last night? Chances are, you did. With all the college football bowl games and New Year's Eve festivities on tap, a random college hoops contest in the Cornhusker State probably wasn't on your TV. But the game was a good one and featured a very heated confrontation between the head coaches for both teams.

Towards the middle of the second half, with Indiana leading 53-49, Hoosiers coach Tom Crean got upset after a Nebraska player fouled one of his players hard at the basket. So he let Nebraska coach Tim Miles know about it. And then, when Miles responded to him, Crean responded by yelling, "Shut up," in his direction. That forced the referees to bring the two coaches together—and a tense standoff took place between the two. It didn't get physical, but words were definitely exchanged.

Fortunately, cooler heads eventually prevailed and the two coaches shook hands at the end of the game. But the coaches didn't set a very good example for their players last night. Take a look at their confrontation in the clip above.

[via For The Win]

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