Earlier tonight, Cavaliers coach Dave Blatt said something about LeBron being held to "the low 30s" with regard to his minutes in his first game back from a two-week injury. It wasn't the quote that mattered, it was the fact that Blatt sounded (for a brief moment) like he was in charge. While many of us suspect that he isn't in charge (nor ever really was), this Vine of LeBron lightly shoving his "coach" back to the bench was definitely more in line with how we perceived the relationship between the two to be.

There's several ways of looking at it (and odds are that it'll be thoroughly analyzed tomorrow) but it's possible that James just wanted his coach to avoid a technical. Besides, maybe they can still make it work. After all, LeBron bumped the last coach he had, and they went on to win two championships together.

[via Vine]

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