Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh has long been known for having one of the NBA's most active funny bones, but with attention taken away from South Beach this season following the departure of LeBron James, Bosh has been given less of chance to shine in the league spotlight.

Thankfully, in conjunction with Funny or Die, the All-Star forward is back today to flex his comedic chops. Starring as fugitive meter maid Chris Justice in Tall Justice 2 (catch the first installment of the series here), Bosh plays a man on the run in a short that plays like The Fast and the Furious set to the tune of "Lovely Rita". 

Of course, you know that Bosh wouldn't waste his on-screen moment without taking the chance to get another cheap shot in on LeBron. Note the lines near the beginning of the clip about Justice's ex-partner: 

Spud: We need you back.

Justice: After everything that happened?!

Spud: Is this still about your partner? You talk about him like he's dead. He just got transferred to Cleveland. 

Justice: Is that any better?!

In fairness, it's currently 10 degrees in Cleveland, compared to the balmy 71 degrees Miami is weathering in the middle of winter. So, yeah, you might be better off dead. 

[via Funny or Die]

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