Over the weekend, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has failed yet another drug test. According to Schefter—and several other media outlets—Gordon is currently facing a one-year suspension from the NFL for testing positive for alcohol, which he has been banned from using because of a DUI arrest. And as a result of his most recent failed drug test, Twitter went to town with jokes about Gordon and his perceived drug and alcohol problem.

Charles Barkley isn't laughing, though. Earlier today, he appeared on ESPN's His & Hers and talked about how he's concerned about Gordon. Barkley had a brother who passed away because of addiction and he's worried that Gordon could meet the same fate if he's not careful.

"Josh Gordon is going to die if he keeps going on this road he's going," he said.

Watch the clip above to hear Barkley talk about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. At this point, no one knows exactly what Gordon is dealing with as far as his personal problems are concerned. But it's safe to say that it's not a laughing matter anymore.

[via Fansided]

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