Tonight, the Bucks are set to host the Suns in Milwaukee. And while that would usually elicit little more than a "meh" from us, we're actually kinda, sorta looking forward to how the game plays out after seeing the two teams go at it on Twitter earlier today.

The Bucks got things starting by @-ing the Suns to let them know how cold it's going to be in Wisconsin tonight:

Then, the Suns responded by letting the Bucks know that they don't mind because they love the number "3":

And finally, the Bucks responded to that by reminding the Suns that they beat them last month thanks to a three-pointer from Khris Middleton:

They also posted a clip of Middleton's shot:

A January matchup between the Suns and Bucks with some sizzle! Who would have guessed?

[via SportsGrid]

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