Rap is a young man's genre. Much like the career of a professional athlete, a rapper emerges as a young adult, experiences excess and recession, and eventually becomes too old and un-cool for the big-time. Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade's 33rd birthday is today, and at this point he's logged over 32,000 NBA minutes. In the normal people world, 33 is quite a young age. I hope to have my shit "together," so to speak, when I'm 33, much less win three NBA titles.

But those 32,000 minutes, man oh man, have they been slowing the young-in-age Wade. He's now oft-injured and a generally groggier player, kind of like a middle aged man (in basketball terms). And yet, Wade knows that no matter what his actual age is or how much closer he is to retirement than another ring, he'll always have his place in history. His name has been checked by rappers like RiFF RAFF, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West. He's a culturally relevant baller, so to narrow down the finest instances of Wade's name within hip-hop lyricism, we ranked The 12 Best Dwyane Wade Rap References.