In Gwinnett County, Ga. late yesterday morning, close to noon, Chicago Bears cornerback Tim Jennings was arrested and charged with speeding, reckless driving, and, most damning of all, driving under the influence of alcohol.

At the time, Jennings was driving 99 m.p.h—the speed limit was 65. The officer's suspicion of DUI arose from the fact that he could smell alcohol on Jennings' breath, and that his eyes were bloodshot. Jennings did admit to drinking the night before, and said that he had been out until 2 a.m. However, he refused to comply with the arresting officer's requests to submit to a breathalyzer test or a field examination, has since denied being under any sort of influence, and tweeted (then deleted) a statement proclaiming his innocence last night, which read: "I do apologize for speeding but DUI?? That's not for me!! Sorry for speeding, guys." 

We can't comment on Jennings' guilt or innocence, but we can confirm that, in his haste to get from Point A to Point B, Jennings was simply trying to be a good father. Apparently, Jennings told the officer that he was speeding so that he could get to his 2-year-old child's parent-teacher conference. 

Let's not hand out the "Father of the Year" award to Jennings quite yet since getting charged with a DUI doesn't exactly qualify as responsible parenting. But we will say that he shows an impressive dedication to the practice of sitting down in tiny plastic chairs to speak with his kid's preschool teacher. Next time, maybe he should remember to give himself a few extra minutes to get there.

[via TMZ Sports]

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