Back in 2011, Action Bronson recorded a song called "Barry Horowitz" that was named after a former WWE and WCW wrestler. And while Bronson obviously wasn't the first rapper to name-drop a pro wrestler on a song—we put together an entire list of The 50 Greatest Wrestling Rap References of All Time here in 2012—he is one of the first rappers to get a response from a wrestler. And the response that he just got wasn't very positive.

It took the 54-year-old Horowitz about four years to respond to Bronson. But during a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the former wrestler said that he wasn't all that flattered when Bronson used his name for the title of his song. In fact, he told Rolling Stone that he wishes Bronson would have called and asked him for permission to use his name prior to recording the track. And he also revealed that he once turned Bronson down when the rapper asked him to make a club appearance in Florida—for free—so that the two could perform the song together.

"If anything, when I came out there, they would know who I am and not him," Horowitz told Rolling Stone.

If you've never heard Bronson's song before, you can watch the music video for it below:

Do you think Horowitz has a legitimate beef here?

[via Rolling Stone]

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