Stephen A. Smith isn't happy with the way Marshawn Lynch has conducted himself in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. He flipped out during a segment on The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM yesterday and really let Beast Mode have it, referring to his recent behavior as "disgraceful and embarrassing." And he continued to talk about it today on ESPN First Take while speaking with Skip Bayless and guest Arian Foster.

But Foster wasn't having any of it. In the past, Foster has endured some hostile interactions with the media and even refused to speak with reporters on a few occasions. So he defended Lynch on First Take and shut down Stephen A.'s argument against him.

"You see the way he's been acting?" Stephen A. asked Foster. "You see that?"

"Show me where in his contract it says that you have to answer questions as heartfelt as possible," Foster replied.

Boom. Owned. Foster got a round of applause from the First Take audience. And while Stephen A. kept on talking about Lynch, Foster stuck to his original premise and refused to allow the First Take personality to get the last word.

Watch them argue in the clip above.

[via SB Nation]

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