Happy New Year, fans. From Madison Bumgarner’s World Series domination to UCONN’s NCAA sweep, 2014 was a year to remember in the sports world. But while there was plenty to celebrate on the field, there were plenty of moments off the field that made us cringe. For once we’re not talking about player arrests and domestic violence cases. We’re talking about fan behavior.

Illicit fan behavior obviously wasn’t exclusive to 2014, but with social media’s impact on sports at a level never reached before, and more fan fight videos surfacing on YouTube than we care to have time to watch, it certainly appears that last year, at least in part, was overshadowed by extremely poor sports fan conduct.

It’s not just the stadium fights and twitter rants that have us shaking our heads, it’s the very real concern that some fans are having a difficult time turning off the game and checking in with the other aspects of their lives. Well, we’re here to help. Now that we’re one week into 2015 and the New Year’s Eve hangover is finally gone, check out these 12 Resolutions for the Modern Day Sports Fan.