Wilt Chamberlain has accomplished another first from beyond the grave. The Stilt will be the first NBA player to be featured on a US postage stamp.

This isn't the only reason this will be a special stamp. At 7'1", Chamberlain is taller than other featured celebrities. So because of that, his will be a third longer than the standard stamp.

Kadir Nelson—who's known for many works, including Nothing Was The Same's album cover and Michael Jackson's self-titled 2010 posthumous album—painted the two Chamberlain stamps: one of him with the Philadelphia Warriors and the other with the Lakers. Peep them both below.

Props to Nelson for this. And also props to Meek Mill for putting Philly on his back. Since his release, the Sixers won their first game and Chamberlain got this honor. Coincidence? Nah.

[via NBA TV]