Slams are just a part of skateboarding, and as a rider progresses, so do the slams, getting ever gnarlier. From the moment anyone steps on a skateboard, they are spending a lot of time on the ground recovering from falls. As one’s deck skills progress, so do their skills at falling. It is a life skill that most people do not have—a skill that can protect skaters from all types of danger because they know how to handle themselves when things go wrong. This year, like any other year, has been full of gnarly slams. Rails, gaps, streets, and parks play host to the carnage that is skateboarding. Slams happen to everyone—men and women, old and young—on the streets or in the parks; it’s simply the price that skaters pay for a feeling that only skateboarding can produce. With that said, here are The 10 Biggest Skateboarding Slams of the Year.