First, Chicago Bulls beat writer Sam Smith made a terrible "I Can't Breathe" joke on Twitter during the team's game last week. Then CBS Sports personality Doug Gottlieb one-upped him with his own awful tweet that essentially said Kobe Bryant is living the life of luxury so he can't be concerned about police brutality. You'd think after two of these incidents, sportscasters would attempt to curb their insensitivity. Apparently that message didn't reach Pittsburgh.

In between the first and second period of the Pittsburgh Penguins game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, one Penguins studio analyst decided to reference Eric Garner's last words in reference to how tough the Blue Jackets defense had been on Pittsburgh. Here's the full text of what the brilliant guy on the left decided to pass as "analysis."

"I thought, Jay, that the Penguins would have to put on those 'I Can't Breathe" t-shirts for a while because Columbus was suffocating."

You can see his studio partner, Jay, cringe so hard it makes anyone watching it want to crawl out of their skin. How one person's brain connects a man's death to describing how a hockey team plays defense is beyond me, but this guy had that comment ready to go from the start. 

[Via Pete Blackburn]