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The Raiders destroyed Colin Kaepernick during their 24-13 win over the 49ers on Sunday. They intercepted him twice. They sacked him five times. And they refused to allow the scrambling quarterback to run on them during their second win of the 2014-15 NFL season. And after the game was over, one Raiders player continued to harass Kaepernick by jumping on social media and taking a shot at him.

Raiders linebacker Sio Moore only recorded one tackle against the Niners—a tackle on Kaepernick that resulted in a 7-yard loss. But he made his best hit of the day on Instagram last night when he posted a photo of him getting up in Kaepernick's grill along with a caption that featured him calling the Niners QB a "freakin chump." You can see Moore's post here:

Excessive celebration? Eh, yeah, you might say that. It's also worth noting that Moore is the same guy who nearly cost the Raiders their first win of the season last month by doing this:

But can you blame him for being excited? Oakland is just 2-11 on the season. So they might as well make the most of it when they get a victory.

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