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Roger Goodell—the same, bumbling, back-tracking clod-cum-commissioner who so memorably screwed up Ray Rice's suspension from the NFL earlier this year—is in the running to be named TIME's "Person of the Year". 

As inexplicable as the nomination sounds, keep in mind that TIME's distinction isn't necessarily a positive one; while the magazine short-listed the Ferguson protestors, Ebola caregivers, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and others as nominees, they also included the highly controversial Russian leader Vladimir Putin, a politician who has essentially turned Russia into an organized crime state. You're in good company, Rog!

If TIME ends up selecting Goodell as their "Person of the Year", the publication will only be using the distinction as an opportunity to throw more dirt in the hole Goodell dug for himself in 2014. Sooner or later, someone needs to bury him. 

[via Pro Football Talk]