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Over the last few weeks, we've asked ourselves "Can Robert Griffin III's 2014 season get any worse?" on a number of occasions. And every time that we have, it has, indeed, managed to get worse. First, he lost his starting quarterback job. Then, he lost his coach's confidence. And now, it kind of seems like RGIII has lost his mind.

Earlier today, Washington Post reporter Mike Jones did an interview with 106.7 The Fan's The Junkies and revealed that RGIII exhibited some very strange behavior after the Redskins practiced on Friday afternoon. Specifically, Jones said that RGIII spent about 40 minutes on the football field punting a football, chasing it down, and then punting it again. Over and over and over again. It sounds…well, frankly, it sounds sad.

"Last Friday, after practice, he was on the field by himself for like 40 minutes, just punting the ball, and running after it, and punting the ball and running after it," Jones revealed. "The guy looks like he's lost, doesn't know what's going on, and so I did feel bad for him."

When asked to reveal more details about RGIII's punt session, Jones continued. And it got even sadder.

"He stayed there [on the field]," Jones said. "This was outside, after everybody's in the locker room changing their clothes, getting ready to go, and he's just out there for like 40 minutes punting the ball, he'd run after it, punt the ball."

The only way this actually makes any sense is if RGIII has decided to give up quarterbacking in order to become a punter. Otherwise, it's just another sign of how bad things have gotten for him in Washington this year.

[via CBS Washington]