Hey, what are you up to this week? Anything? If you're not too busy—you know, with Christmas and everything—would you like to head to Cleveland to play quarterback for the Browns on Sunday?

We're asking because, at the moment, the Browns are without a starting QB. Johnny Manziel is going to miss the remainder of the season with a hamstring injury. And former starter Brian Hoyer is down and out with an injury, too. So the Browns are reaching out to QBs to see who's interested in lining up under center on Sunday. They thought that they might have some luck offering Rex Grossman—who spent time with the team in training camp—a one-week deal. But, well, Grossman is apparently too busy for the team:

That's right. Rather than play QB for the Browns—and earn upwards of $60,000 for a few days of service—Grossman said thanks, but no thanks to Cleveland because he "has family in for [the] holiday." And you know what? At this point, we don't even blame him. It probably wouldn't be worth the $60K.

So how 'bout it? You up for the job?


Sorry! But the job has been taken. Tyler Thigpen—yes, this Tyler Thigpen—is the, er, "lucky" man.

[via Fox Sports]

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