Two years ago, Robert Griffin III was having an incredible rookie season, leading the Washington Redskins to a playoff appearance and bringing a smile to the perpetually red face of head coach Mike Shanahan. Then, Shanahan stuck with a clearly injured Griffin in the Redskins Wild Card playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, and Griffin ended up tearing his ACL. Griffin was rushed back the following season and was never right as the Redskins plummeted to a 3-13 record. RG3's relationship with Shanahan deteriorated, and Shanahan was subsequently fired. Now, the same fate could be looming for current head coach Jay Gruden.

Gruden hasn't pulled many punches when it comes to his dislike of the Redskins franchise quarterback, calling him out in post game interviews and saying things like, "Robert has some fundamental flaws," and "His footwork is below average." He's also benched Griffin outright for Colt McCoy in recent weeks, which speaks volumes. Now, according to the Washington Post, with word that Gruden has been saying he's "done" with Griffin reaching the front office, Redskins owner Dan Snyder and president/general manager Bruce Allen could be put in an awkward spot.

The Post reports that Snyder and Allen are supposedly still committed to Griffin, which would make some sense given the bounty they gave to to draft him. If they demand Griffin start in 2015, or even at some point in the remaining four weeks, Gruden could be fired after just one year on the job, and RG3 could be the root of more turnover in the 'Skins organization. Whatever ends up happening, the Redskins are a freaking mess.  

[Via the Washington Post]