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We all assume/know that the NFL is chock-full of trash talk so vulgar that it'd rival Redd Foxx George Carlin Bob Saget's filthy fucking mouth. Unfortunately, thanks to the NFL's PR wing, we never hear that on "Mic'd Ups," instead having to settle for friendly jawing and pleasantries exchanged among all-time greats. So to get some unfiltered commentary from Raiders linebacker Sio Moore to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (as they entered the tunnel at halftime of their matchup this past Sunday) is a refreshing dose of profanity-laced air.

In addition to his frank assessment of Kaepernick, Moore posted this on his Instagram account after the game (which the Raiders won, 24-13):

Damn, at least somebody in the Bay Area remembered this is a rivalry.

If you know why Sio Moore hates Colin Kaepernick so much, please send your info (along with anything else you might wanna say) to"

[via TMZ Sports]