It turns out that Neymar isn't so popular in Santos anymore.

One Brazilian lawyer – Luciano Pereira Caparroz – is filing a lawsuit against Neymar in a bid to receive £6,300 worth of damages for his decision to leave Santos for FC Barcelona in the summer of 2013.

Caparozz's case is a reaction to media reports that Neymar had actually signed a pre-contract agreement with the La Liga giants in 2011, before Santos faced off against Barca in 2011 FIFA Club World Cup final.

The fan thinks Neymar didn't try against Barca in 2011 because he'd already agreed to join them.

The disgruntled fan is quoted in seeking over £6,000 in damages to cover the cost of his trip to the Club World Cup final in Japan:

"I’m a Santista, I go to all the games and I decided to travel to Japan to watch the Club World Cup. I was left frustrated with the result and on top of that, later on we learned that Neymar was already sold. I feel cheated."

Perhaps Neymar will give him the £6,300 as a goodwill gesture this Christmas.

[via Bleacher Report]