File this one away in the category of "Um, what?" and "Wait, for real, be serious. What?" 

Michigan, ranked no. 17 in the nation, took on the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Ann Arbor on Saturday, and in an apparent effort to emulate the football team, lost. Now before every one climbs upon their pillar of judgment and starts saying things like "any given Saturday bro!" and "Engineers can ball too!", let's take a minute to look at some facts.

NJIT has just over 7,000 undergrads. They are the only team out of 351 schools that does not belong to a conference, which is weird until you realize the basketball team went 0-29 in 2008. Via Darren Rovell, attendance at the Highlanders' last two home games were 775 and 500 people, respectively. The Highlanders have only been a Division 1 school since '08, and were 25 point underdogs against Michigan. They also got down 8-0 in the first half and were still losing by five at halftime. 

The Wolverines couldn't stop NJIT guard Damon Lynn, who dropped 20 points and hit a huge 3-pointer with just under four minutes left to put the Highlanders up 61-59 and put the team ahead for good. I assume the mood in Michigan right now is something like this. 

[Via Fox Sports]