With the San Francisco 49ers officially eliminated from the playoffs, reports indicating head coach Jim Harbaugh's forthcoming demise have already begun to surface around the Internet. Harbaugh's exit from the Bay Area appears to be a done deal, due to tensions within the locker room and with the team's front office. 

However, though Harbaugh's tenure in San Francisco has gone sour, he's far from finished as a head coach. Harbaugh is regarded as a hot commodity around the league, and has seen his name appear alongside open or soon-to-be-open positions such as those with the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders

Of course, Harbaugh's options aren't limited to the professional ranks, either. Far from it, in fact. As an estimate, let's say about $48 million from it: 

It's worth noting that the popular Michigan football website MGoBlog—which has gained a reputation for being particularly knowledgeable regarding the inner-workings of the program—is disputing Rapoport's claim that Harbaugh ever rebuffed an offer from Michigan. Regardless, the main focus of this emerging report is the $8 million annual salary Harbaugh would be bringing home if he takes the job with his alma mater. Holy fuckthatisalotofmoney​. 

For comparison, Nick Saban currently makes about $7 million per year as the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. If Harbaugh accepts Michigan's reported offer, he's about to wreck the pay scale for college coaches across the country. Let's keep in mind: Harbaugh has never won a national championship or a Super Bowl. If he's able to command that type of salary, then what should a four-time champion like Saban be earning? (Let's ignore the obvious fact that college coaches don't actually deserve this much money—that's a given.)

Whatever the case, the hot stove is on full-blast in Ann Arbor, Mich. Things are about to get very interesting for the Wolverines. 

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