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Johnny Manziel has been called many things throughout his young career. Johnny Football, of course. Then there are those people who call him an off-the-field issue, an evil influence, Johnny Clipboard, etc. But here's a first: midget. While speaking with WLW-AM in Cincinnati on Monday night, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis was asked about preparing his team for Manziel and here's what he had to say, courtesy of 

"You've got to go defend the offense," Lewis said. "You don't defend the player."

After a short pause, Lewis then added: "Particularly a midget."

It's kind of shocking to find out that the usually mild-mannered Marvin would come out and say something like this. It's only Monday and Lewis already seems fed up with discussing anything having to do with Manziel. And speaking of being fed up, the Bengals head coach is probably going to be fed up when he receives all those angry letters throughout the week from people who have an issue with his use of the word "midget" to describe the six-foot-tall rookie quarterback out of Texas A&M