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Manny Ramirez played professional baseball for a lot of years and is used to hitting balls that are thrown in his direction. So you would think that he'd be fine with hitting balls on the golf course. After all, golf balls don't move at all. So all you need to do is take your club and let it rip.

Apparently, Manny's not very good at golf, though. Because during a recent golf outing, he attempted to tee off and…strike one! Then, he tried again and…strike two! And then…well, the video ended, so we're not exactly sure whether or not he hit the ball on his third attempt. But after watching his first two swings, it's probably safe to say that he struck out.

We would understand if Manny didn't have the prettiest swing. But how can a former MLB player swing at anything and miss like this?

[via Busted Coverage]

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