Floyd Mayweather's reign as the undefeated champion continued in 2014. In May—in one of his closest fights in recent memory—Mayweather came out with a W against Marcos Maidana. He then dominated the rematch, thus pushing his record to an astonishing 47-0.

And next to no one gives a shit.

For a long time, Mayweather's rason d'etre was money, which has made him appear invulnerable. We'll refer to this as what many, totally non-made up scientists refer to as the Mayweather Paradigm: Even if the sky falls, as long as Mayweather's getting this money, everything is good.

That idea came under serious fire in what turned out to be a bizarre year for Mayweather. He began 2014 with a retirement announcement. The kidnapping and assault came just a few weeks later, which was then followed by tragedy, betting success, Instagram twerking (because there's no love like sexual objectification), skipped tips, more domestic violence claims, and a verbal altercation. And that doesn't even cover everything.

So does the Mayweather Paradigm hold up? Find out as we take A Look Back At Floyd Mayweather's 2014.

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